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We help your team stay up to date with CPR and other workplace
certification trainings so that you can focus on
quality service delivery.

Hi! My name is ... Audra

My team and I are passionate about helping organizations achieve their quality outcome goals. We take the hassle out of required safety certification training by creating customized on-site training solutions for organizations. We certify through American Red Cross and combine fun interactive learning techniques in our training classes to ensure content mastery.

what the process is to get certified?

Experience a streamlined certification process in three simple steps: receive a complimentary organization quote, customize your training in a quick 15-20 minute call, and swiftly obtain your certification.

Free Organization Quote

Begin by requesting a free organization quote to kickstart the certification process with clarity and transparency.

15 - 20min call

Customize your training in a quick 15-20 minute call, ensuring alignment with your team's goals and requirements.

Get Certified

Swiftly obtain your certification, empowering you to prioritize quality service delivery with ease.

Comprehensive Certification Services

Enhance your team’s skills with our comprehensive certification services. From customizable CPR and First Aid certifications to Red Cross CPR Instructor training, we tailor programs to meet your organization’s needs. Experience personalized training plans crafted to address your specific requirements.

CPR Certification Training

We offer a variety of customizable CPR and FirstAid Certifications in addition to other safety trainings.

CPR Instructor Training

We can certify your team members to become Red Cross CPR Instructors who train your organization.

Custom Certification Training

We can connect to create a training plan to meet your organizations needs.

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What People Say About Us?

Discover what our clients are saying about their experience with our services. Read testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefited from our expertise and dedication. Let their words inspire confidence in choosing us for your certification needs.

Anesa Customer

The trainings were informative and fast paced. The quizzes covered the most pertinent information you should have learned.

Alyssa Customer

I loved getting to work with Nurse Audra and Nurse Audrey to get certified! They are both kind and friendly, as well as knowledgeable.

Amy Customer

She helped our whole organization get CPR certified in an efficient manner and I highly recommend her services.

Meet Our Professionals Team Members

Meet our experienced team dedicated to delivering top-quality certification training. With a passion for excellence, they ensure your training needs are met with care and expertise. Get to know the faces behind our success.




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Team Member


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Mikayla Burton

Team Member

We keep your team CPR certified, freeing them to focus on quality service.